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Pam Klein – ESOP Interview Spotlight

By May 24, 2023Benefits
Pam Klein - ESOP Interview Spotlight

What does being vested in the ESOP mean to you? (Are you fully vested?)

When I became fully vested it was an exciting time to see my statement and realize that the bottom-line balance was all going towards my retirement! Now my statement balance really grows exponentially.

How does being in an ESOP affect your day-to-day work?

It feels good to know that what I do on a daily basis impacts the entire company and it makes me want to be a better employee and teammate. I am very conscientious about spending money when ordering IT related items because I feel every little bit saved helps with our overall profit, which then impacts the values of our shares.

What would you tell a friend about the ESOP at OAA?

The culture at OAA is a team approach instead of an “I” approach because the ESOP brings us together with a common goal…. increase profitability, which increases our ESOP balance. Our quarterly State of the Agency meeting brings everyone together to see how we are performing as a company. I am proud to say I have worked at OAA longer than any other organization during my insurance career and plan to stay until retirement!