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Three companies, tired of band-aid solutions to improve outcomes for employees, chose a wholistic partnership approach.

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Case Study #1 - A Pound of WorkComp Prevention

Prior to Ollis/Akers/Arney involvement this client was unaware of their problematic WorkComp Experience Modifier. This is a number that reflects how well an organization manages their Workers’ Compensation program. An Experience Modifier below 1.0 is good and above 1.0 is bad. This company was “running a fever” with a 1.7 Experience Modifier resulting in higher premiums than similar entities.

The person in charge of the insurance program was not aware that it was within their power to take action to improve their score to alleviate program expense. A better Experience Modifier does not happen overnight, but with diligence can be continuously improved year over year. Following assessment of contributing factors, in coordination with the client, the Ollis team focused on these areas:

  1. Implementing custom video training to be used during onboarding and by all employees annually.
  2. Educating onsite nurses regarding the difference between First Aid and Workers’ Compensation claims.
  3. Partnering with the client’s Safety Team to develop a yearly structure of meetings and content for employees.
  4. Updating the driver safety program, educating the department leads on the updates, and assisting with the communication plan to all employees.
  5. Facilitating a meeting with the client and Workers’ Compensation carrier, to ensure all rebates/dividends available to the client were being received




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Case Study #2 - 60-Day Scramble to Build HR Functions

A well-established, mid-size company knew bringing all of their HR functions in-house for the first time would be a fundamental change to how their company operated long term, but they did not realize they would have a head-spinning 60 days to build everything from scratch with no guidance, documentation, or employee records from their longstanding professional employer organization (PEO).

A PEO provides full-service human resource outsourcing including payroll and benefits and serves as employer of record. When the company notified the PEO of their intent to bring all HR functions in-house, that’s when they learned they would not gain access to their records.

The Ollis/Akers/Arney HR Consulting team helped transition to in-house management of their staff and set up the HR functions:

  1. Rehire all existing employees.
  2. Conduct onboarding and transition meetings with employees.
  3. Recreate all HR forms, documents, employee handbook and
    training programs.

This 60-day whirlwind helped ensure this company provided a smooth transition for all employees. This company continues to partner with the Ollis team to provide a sound structure for long-term human resource success.

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Case Study #3 - Frenzied Decisions Torment 500-Employee Company

Late renewals, no long-term strategy and challenged communications with prior insurance providers plagued this 500+ employee company. Lack of structure and timeliness resulted in a rush to market for benefits quotes and hastily reviewed plans.

Decision makers recognized this risked unnecessarily high premiums and unintended gaps in employee benefits, jeopardizing employee attraction and retention. After completing the Ollis IQRM Assessment, they opted for the Ollis EDGE 360 model, which is exclusively offered to Ollis/Akers/Arney clients. The Ollis EDGE 360 model includes three main things to ensure structure and timeliness:

  1. As We Agreed – Communication immediately following client meetings that identifies key areas discussed, next steps, and who is responsible for completing those action items and by what date. These letters serve as proof of accountability.
  2. Preferred Client Agreement – A mutually agreed upon annually revised calendar that assists in the implementation of strategies in a documented timeline including expected implementation, dates, resources, and analysis months in advance eliminates guess work or last-minute rush as an alternative to what many business leaders face today when working with the traditional insurance model vendors.
  3. Risk Profile Assessment – An overview of key drivers of exposure to the client, risk management strategies, along with plan performance and data analysis reviews are updated periodically to measure success.

Case 3-IQRM ScoreOnce the process was aligned for this client, focus could turn to data analysis, evaluation of benefits and future strategies rather than a frenzied, reactionary response. The Ollis team worked closely with them to develop a strategic plan that included a story to the insurance marketplace and a communication plan to improve the education of the employees around the benefits program. The documented and calendared process eliminated last-minute meetings and mitigated the stress of the renewal/open enrollment window.

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Richard Ollis

The traditional, transactional insurance agency model fails businesses and
public entities.

That’s why in 2008, we began the transition to a risk management, employee benefits, and business consulting company. Initially, it was a struggle. With this change in our belief system came inevitable turnover, but also the opportunity to bring on new employee-owners who shared the vision for our next century of client service. As a 100% employee-owned company, our 64 employee-owners have a vested interest in our clients’ growth and success.

Our philosophy is simple; we strive to understand our clients’ businesses at every level. This complete understanding allows us to proactively develop customized strategic plans that address current risks and emerging risks.

While traditional insurance products still play an important role, there are far more aspects and techniques to be discussed, analyzed, and implemented. I hope these case studies have given you a glimpse into our wholistic partnership that focuses on strategic planning, client education and communication to help you protect tomorrow…today.


Richard Ollis

Chief Executive Officer
Ollis/Akers/Arney Insurance & Business Advisors

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