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Classic Car Insurance

Coverage for your prized possession.

Classic Car Insurance customized for your business needs

Your prized collector car represents a real commitment of your time and resources. We'll help you protect your investment through specialized insurance coverage designed for classic car enthusiasts like you.

Did you know that 58% of classic cars aren’t adequately insured?

You’re lucky to own a piece of history, but it’s crucial you’re protecting it right.

With Ollis/Akers/Arney’s classic car insurance, you’ll get coverage tailored for your prized possession.

They’ll help you understand your policy, ensuring you’re not left in the lurch.

So, let’s dive in and get you the insurance your classic car deserves.

You’ve invested in a classic, now let’s protect it.

Understanding Coverage

You’ve got to understand that your classic car insurance provides specialized coverage for your vintage vehicle. It pays out based on an agreed-upon value, not its market cash value. This is vital because the intrinsic value of your car isn’t just tied to its age. It’s also tied to its authenticity, rarity, and the love you’ve poured into it.

You can’t rely on standard auto insurance for your classic beauty. They won’t appreciate the true worth or the unique needs of your vehicle. Your policy should also guarantee coverage for authentic parts. This ensures that you’ll keep your classic car in its original glory.

Policy Selection Process

Let’s delve into the process of selecting the right policy for your unique vehicle, considering its age, authenticity, and how frequently you drive it.

First, it’s crucial to establish an agreed-upon value with your insurer. This figure isn’t the market cash value; it’s based on your classic car’s worth, taking into account its rarity, condition, and original parts.

Second, consider usage limits. Classic car insurance isn’t designed for daily drivers, so you’ll need to estimate how often you’ll be on the road.

Finally, ensure your policy guarantees coverage for authentic parts. These components maintain your vehicle’s value and are often irreplaceable.

Contact Information

Now that we’ve covered the essentials of policy selection, it’s time to get you connected with our team.

You’ll find our offices in Springfield, Branson, and Bolivar, Missouri. However, we are licensed to serve in over 30 states.

You can reach out by email at [email protected] or dial 417-881-8333 to speak directly with one of our experienced advisors.

Don’t hesitate to discuss your classic car’s specifics – its make, year, unique features, and current condition. Our team understands the intricacies of classic car valuation and the importance of securing the right cover.

Business Expertise

Beyond just providing insurance coverage, we’re also equipped with extensive business expertise that can help your business thrive.

We’re not just about insuring your classic cars, we’re about understanding their value and the unique aspects that make them special.

You see, when it comes to classic car insurance, it’s not just about age, it’s about distinct characteristics and authenticity.

We’re also experts in navigating the complexities of insurance policies and regulations. We’ll make sure you have the right coverage that guarantees payouts based on an agreed-upon value, not just market cash value.

We’ll also ensure you have coverage for those all-important authentic parts. After all, it’s the details that make a classic car a true classic.

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