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Employee Benefits Risk Assessment

We’re equipping you with cost reduction strategies and delivering quality coverage.

How we can help assess your employees’ risks.

Our goal is to make your experience with insurance positive and as simple as possible. We take a look at areas of concern and provide insight into how you can mitigate risks.
  • Alternate Funding

    Analyzing your company’s unique situation and the different funding options available in today’s market to mitigate the impact of healthcare costs on your bottom line while offering a competitive healthcare program.

  • Benchmark Report

    Identifying best practices and opportunities specific to your industry and market for comparing your current plan utilization to make strategic recommendations and solutions that are targeted and measurable.

  • Carrier Negotiations

    Evaluating marketplace options to secure the right coverage at the right price by leveraging our RiskMAP process and presenting your unique story to the underwriter.

  • Claims Analytics and Projections

    Delivering high-quality data to guide decision-making through proprietary analytics, reporting, and modeling tools to give you valuable insights into the issues driving your healthcare costs.

  • Client Resource Center

    Providing you with an exclusive online portal that offers one-stop access to critical HR and benefits information to keep you current on federal and state laws, and to offer you attorney-reviewed tools, step-by-step compliance guidelines and so much more.

  • Compliance Support

    Breaking down complex laws and regulations to calculate the business impacts of compliance, as well as the liabilities of noncompliance, so you can make informed decisions to protect your company from fees and penalties.

  • Employee Benefits

    Offering comprehensive plan management for your health and benefits program to reduce costs, improve employee productivity, educate employees, implement effective compliance strategies and help you attract, retain and develop top talent.

  • Employee Communication

    Educating employees through digital, print, and in-person communication to promote programs, services, and wellness topics in a clear, consistent, and strategic manner helping them make more informed health and benefits choices.

  • Employee Engagement

    Understanding the key drivers of engagement and disengagement unique to your company to develop a dynamic approach and initiatives that will have the greatest impact on raising levels of engagement and increasing performance and retention.

  • Executive Benefits

    Taking a big picture look at your strategy for compensation, succession, wealth preservation, and total rewards offerings to give you a strategic advantage in retaining your top executives and continuing to grow your business.

  • HR Consulting

    Combining state-of-the-art technology with fully integrated services and support in a seamless and simple way to save you time, energy, and cost while establishing your company as a great workplace that attracts, retains, and engages people.

  • Medicare Program

    Sorting through all the information about health insurance and Medicare that may be causing confusion, stress, and worry about your employees to give them a clear understanding of their options so they can determine the best fit for their lifestyle needs.

  • Online Benefits Administration

    Making it easier to maintain and manage the full spectrum of your company’s benefit plans by implementing an online platform to improve productivity, communication with employees, and your ability to make well-informed business decisions.

  • Ollis Edge 360

    Providing practical tools and resources to help you mitigate and manage the risks your business faces.

  • Voluntary Benefits

    Rounding out your employee benefits offerings with options that align employee needs with your business objective, giving you the competitive edge for attracting and retaining the top talent in your market.

  • Wellness Program

    Embracing that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all in wellness programs by addressing your unique needs and situation in order to build a tailored program to improve employee health, financial wellness and reduce claims.