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ESOP Interview Spotlight-Myleah Shrimpton

Myleah Shrimpton – ESOP Interview Spotlight!

May 18, 2024
What makes you excited about being in an ESOP? My excitement for the ESOP has grown throughout my years with the company. When I started, I was 26 years old, and the ESOP felt like this ethereal, far-off concept. I was grateful for it, but I did not understand the impact. Through time, especially when…
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IRS Announces Excepted Benefit HRA Limit for 2025

IRS Announces Excepted Benefit HRA Limit for 2025

May 18, 2024
The IRS has released the inflation-adjusted limit for excepted benefit health reimbursement arrangements (EBHRAs) for plan years beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2025. Effective for 2025 plan years, the maximum annual employer contribution for an EBHRA will increase to $2,150 (up from $2,100 for plan years beginning in 2024). Excepted Benefit HRAs An EBHRA…
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ESOP Interview Spotlight-Tina Hrdlicka

Tina Hrdlicka – ESOP Interview Spotlight!

May 12, 2024
How does being in an ESOP affect you, personally, in your workday?   Being a member of a company with an ESOP makes me always think of how I’m impacting the company as a whole. It’s always in the back of my mind. I try to bring my best self to work with a positive…
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ESOP Interview Spotlight-Cameron Black

Cameron Black – ESOP Interview Spotlight!

May 5, 2024
1. What do you like most about your role? I enjoy the opportunity to partner with my colleagues and clients to create solutions to issues that they may be facing. Working collaboratively to understand their goals and piecing together a plan to allow them to reach their goals is meaningful. 2. How do you think…
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ESOP Interview Spotlight-Carolyn OKelley

Carolyn O’Kelley – ESOP Interview Spotlight!

April 28, 2024
1. How do you think being in an ESOP can affect work culture? Work culture will happen no matter what so it’s always best for organizations to make an intentional effort to think about what they want their culture to reflect. Work culture directly influences how employees interact with not only customers or clients, but…
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ESOP Interview Spotlight-Margie Redmond

Margie Redmon – ESOP Interview Spotlight!

April 21, 2024
1. How does being in an ESOP affect your daily work? Knowing it is all a team effort. Knowing together we are better. I contribute to the success of the company. It gives accountability each day and a responsibility to the Company and my co-workers. 2. What is something you did not know about an…
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Joe Gaunt - ESOP Interview Spotlight

Joe Gaunt – ESOP Interview Spotlight

April 17, 2024
What does being vested in the ESOP mean to you? Are you fully vested? I am now a fully vested member of the ESOP. This is a significant milestone in my time with the company. It’s a great feeling to know that the effort that I have put in each day to earn my ownership…
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Mistaken HSA Distributions

Mistaken HSA Distributions

February 29, 2024
Health savings accounts (HSAs) have become integral to many employers’ benefits packages, as they offer employees a valuable tool for managing health care expenses while enjoying tax advantages. However, administering HSAs is more than just facilitating contributions. It also requires understanding and involves addressing mistakes with distributions that employees may encounter. This article explores the…
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Ashlae Cook - ESOP Interview Spotlight!

Ashlae Cook – ESOP Interview Spotlight

February 2, 2024
1. Why is being in an ESOP important to you? I believe this is important as it redirects my mindset of who I work for and why. My drive is to always do my best, but I think this re-energizes my work ethic as my success and the success of my team directly affects the…
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Exploring Obesity’s Impact on the Workplace

Exploring Obesity’s Impact on the Workplace

January 24, 2024
Obesity has become a global health epidemic, affecting millions of individuals worldwide. Beyond its impact on personal well- being, obesity poses significant challenges for employers and workplaces. Whether it’s decreased productivity or increased health care costs, the repercussions of obesity in the workplace are far-reaching. This article discusses the multifaceted impact of obesity on employers…
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