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How we can help assess your business risks.

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Our goal is to make your experience with insurance positive and as simple as possible. We take a look at areas of concern and provide insight into how you can mitigate risks.

Broad Market Access

Offering you a broad spectrum of insurance products from a wide variety of carriers around the globe, ensuring the best coverage options available at the best price.

Business Continuity

Understanding the hazards you face and building a plan to minimize the disruption of operations and maintain stability during recovery.

Business Income Needs Analysis

Going beyond the standard Business Income Worksheet to accurately identify cash flow needs in the event of business disruption.

Carrier Negotiations

Evaluating marketplace options to secure the right coverage at the right price by leveraging our RiskMAP process and presenting your unique story to the underwriter.

Certificate Management

Simplifying the risk transfer process for contractors, vendors, and tenants to reduce risk and simplify compliance.

Coverage Checkup

Reviewing your organization’s coverages to make sure each policy provides accurate coverage and continues to protect your company as it continues to grow.

Coverage Gap Analysis

Assessing your current policies, programs, and procedures for potential hidden risks not addressed in your current risk management program.

Claims Advocacy

Applying our knowledge and experience to expedite and manage the claim process in your best interests to protect your bottom line.

Cyber Risk Check

Systematically identifying, measuring, and monitoring cyber risk and developing protocols, policies, and procedures to establish a framework for cyberattacks.

Data Analytics

Identifying and analyzing data, patterns, and techniques to improve and show results over time through measurable metrics.

Disaster Recovery

Establishing procedures to recover and protect your IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster.

Workers’ Comp MOD Audit and Projections

Creating a path to your minimum mod by regular verification of accuracy of data reported, education on how the mod is calculated, and methodically implementing best practices.

Ollis Edge 360

Providing practical tools and resources to help you mitigate and manage the risks your business faces.

Safety Program

Working with you to identify and implement safety and workers’ comp best practices using a system that reflects your culture, unique hazards, and priorities.

HR Policy Review and Training

Our human resources consultant team becomes an extension of your organization, providing varying levels of support on a contract or as-needed basis.


Building and managing successful surety programs using relationships, data, and your unique story.

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