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Myleah Shrimpton – ESOP Interview Spotlight!

ESOP Interview Spotlight-Myleah Shrimpton

What makes you excited about being in an ESOP?

My excitement for the ESOP has grown throughout my years with the company. When I started, I was 26 years old, and the ESOP felt like this ethereal, far-off concept. I was grateful for it, but I did not understand the impact. Through time, especially when I became fully vested, I had more of a tangible idea of what it means and a deeper sense of gratitude and understanding – especially when I get my annual statement. It’s a benefit that I am super thankful for.

How does being in an ESOP affect your daily attitude / work ethic?

The ESOP has given me a true sense of ownership. It also impacts how I interact with clients to how I view expenses. It causes me think more critically and ask hard questions because of the vested interest.

How do you think an ESOP affects work culture overall?

I would like to think it gives everyone a sense of “buy in” and that they feel freedom to voice thoughts, concerns or constructive feedback. It has been said before, but I truly do feel like it brings a spirit of collaboration as well and that we all have the same goals because we have ownership interest.

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