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Paul Long – ESOP Interview Spotlight!

ESOP Interview Spotlight-Paul Long

1. What is your favorite thing about your role / job position?

After starting an agency from scratch and being responsible for every aspect every day from payroll to sales it is awesome to be a part of a large team. I don’t know if everyone that works here realizes what an amazing management team we have that breaks down together how to continuously make this company successful? Alongside the fact that everyone that works here knows they are an owner and treat their jobs as such. So my favorite thing is “My Business partners” and the advantage we have to work together every day!

2. How do you think being in an ESOP affects work culture?

Culture is the big buzz word right. Being business partners just hits different than being in an everyday job and those that have embraced it in this organization are the ones that truly feel a part of something bigger and mostly about them not just a certain few at the top. Culture is the right to be a part of decisions and things that affect your day to day job. Ollis Akers Arney is strong in culture in my mind even better than any place I have ever worked!

3. What is something new you have learned about the ESOP recently?

In our latest meeting I learned what it would take for the ESOP to sell and was reassured that it would be a vote by the entire ESOP once again making me happy I am with 62 business partners always helping make the right decisions!

4. What does your ideal day off look like?

I enjoy playing golf with friends and in new places. Brenda and I love to travel as it has always been “our thing” as a couple. I enjoy anytime I can be with my kids or grandkids. If it’s summer you will find me in or near my pool and I’m excited for the new area we built to enjoy. If it’s winter you will find me clearing trails working in my shop or playing in my golf simulator when I’m home.

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