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Hospitality Insurance customized for your business needs

For your guests, your hotel, motel, inn, or bed and breakfast is a home away from home. For you, it's your livelihood. Having the proper hospitality insurance coverage to protect your business means taking care of what's yours, as well as your guests and their belongings.

Navigating the labyrinth of hospitality insurance? You’re not alone. As a business owner in this sector, you’re juggling unique risks that demand more than standard insurance limits.

You’ve got guests’ belongings to protect, possible liquor liabilities, and maybe even shuttle services to cover. Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you.

Let’s delve into the world of hospitality insurance, uncover the ideal policies for your needs, and strategize to tackle emerging risks.

Understanding Unique Risks

You’ve got to understand that running a hospitality business comes with its own unique risks. One of these risks is the responsibility to keep your guests’ belongings safe. This is why innkeepers legal liability insurance is a must. It’s not just about offering a comfortable stay; it’s also about ensuring their belongings are secure. If anything happens, you could be held liable. That’s where the insurance steps in, providing a safety net.

Moreover, if your establishment offers additional services like a restaurant or bar, there’s another layer of risk. A liquor liability policy becomes essential. Similarly, offering valet services adds another risk factor. Navigating through these complexities might seem daunting, but with the right guidance from an independent agency, you’ll find the exact coverage you need.

Coverage and Policy Options

Consider the various coverage and policy options available to protect your business from unique risks and liabilities. If your hospitality business exceeds standard policy limits, you might think about a commercial umbrella insurance policy. It offers higher limits and broadened coverages that extend over several policies.

Don’t overlook innkeepers legal liability insurance, it’s crucial for your obligation to keep guests’ belongings safe. If your business includes a restaurant or bar, a liquor liability policy is a must-have. Valet services and shuttles add more risk factors.

An independent agency can assist you in finding the right hospitality insurance coverage, discussing resources and options. They’ll help you find the solutions needed for your specific insurance needs, ensuring you’re well-protected against any unforeseen incidents.

Strategic Planning Assistance

In the realm of strategic planning, Ollis/Akers/Arney Business Advisors would work closely with you to understand your business at every level. They’d assess your specific needs, considering unique aspects like innkeepers legal liability and liquor liability. They’d also factor in additional risks that come with amenities like valet services, airport shuttles, or local transport.

With a thorough understanding of your business, they’d develop a strategic plan tailored to you, addressing current and emerging risks. They’re not just focused on the present; they’re considering the future of your business too. They’d ensure your insurance coverage isn’t just adequate—it’s comprehensive. They’d help maximize your human capital, ensuring that your employees are covered and safe.

With their help, you’d navigate the complex world of hospitality insurance, finding solutions that are right for you.

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