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Inland Marine Insurance

Protect your business property regardless of location.

Inland Marine Insurance customized for your business needs

Inland marine insurance is coverage that protects your business property while it's away from your business location. We'll help you ensure that your property is protected not only at your location but also while it is off-site or in transit.

Navigating the world of insurance can feel like sailing through stormy seas. You’re in need of a reliable compass, and that’s where inland marine insurance comes in.

It’s your safeguard, protecting your valuable goods in transit or stored off-site.

Let’s dive deeper to understand the benefits and tailor your coverage to keep your business afloat.

With Ollis/Akers/Arney Insurance Business Advisors as your guide, you’ll conquer these waters confidently.

Understanding the Coverage

You’ve got to understand the coverage of inland marine insurance, as it’s tailored specifically for businesses like yours that transport or store valuable goods, filling in those coverage gaps left by commercial property insurance.

This insurance type protects not just goods in transit, but also equipment stored at third-party sites, or someone else’s equipment kept on your premises. It’s about ensuring that your assets are safeguarded, no matter where they are.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all policy; it’s customizable to your specific business needs. You can adjust the policy based on your assets’ nature and value.

Customizing Your Policy

Don’t forget, it’s possible to tailor your policy to meet the specific needs of your business. Your inland marine insurance policy isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You can customize it to suit your business’s unique demands.

If you’re frequently shipping goods or equipment, you’ll need a policy that covers transit risks. If you’re storing third-party equipment on your premises, you’ll want coverage for that too.

Remember, the key to effective coverage is understanding your business’s specific risks. Once you’ve identified these, you can adjust your policy accordingly. You’re not alone in this process. Insurance experts are available to guide you, ensuring that your policy provides the comprehensive protection you need.

About Our Services

At Ollis/Akers/Arney, we’re not just advisors, we’re partners committed to understanding your business at every level. We grasp the intricacies of marine insurance, helping you navigate complex terms and conditions. You’ll feel secure knowing we’ve got your back, ensuring your business assets are fully covered whether on your premises or in transit.

Inland marine insurance can feel like a maze, but we’re here to guide you. We’ll help you understand its nuances, like its ability to cover high-value goods, equipment stored on your premises, and property transported or stored by a third party. With us, it’s not about generic coverage. We’re all about tailoring policies to fit your unique needs.

Trust us to provide the clarity, detail, and expertise you need for your business insurance. Contact us today and let’s start the conversation.

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