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Tina Hrdlicka – ESOP Interview Spotlight!

ESOP Interview Spotlight-Tina Hrdlicka

How does being in an ESOP affect you, personally, in your workday?  

Being a member of a company with an ESOP makes me always think of how I’m impacting the company as a whole. It’s always in the back of my mind. I try to bring my best self to work with a positive attitude, while being very grateful for this opportunity that not everyone has.

What is something new you have learned about being in an ESOP?

I haven’t learned anything new about being in an ESOP lately, but over the years, it has been very interesting (and exciting!) to see how the money in my ESOP account grows. You can see the literal impact of your daily efforts each year when you receive your ESOP statement, and you really start seeing the growth once you are 100% vested.

How do you think an ESOP affects work culture? 

I think that being a part of an ESOP makes for a more collaborative and joyful culture. It isn’t just a job in this kind of culture, it’s almost a way of life. It’s a compliment to my life away from the office. You are cared about as more than just a body or a number, you are cared about as a whole person who is contributing to the company’s success.

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