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Life Insurance Awareness Month

This month is Life Insurance Awareness Month and accourding to a 2010 LIMRA study only 44% of U.S. households have individual Life insurance, which is a 50 year low. I have had many conversations over the years that make me sad to hear being an insurance agent and knowing that it is so easy to protect your family and estate from devistation but most dont.

This first post is dedicated to the “KISS” Keepping it Simple Stupid. Did you know that you can buy gaurnteed and simplified issue life insurance policies with little or no health quesitons or exams. This should be the focuse of every person that has NO life insurance at all. Something is better than nothing in my book. I am going against the grain by saying this as most agents are always trying to sell you the biggest and most expensive policy. My outlook on this is tht you need to have as much as you can afford so if you can afford $3 a month for a $10,000 simpilefied issue 5 year term policy thats what I am going to sell you. Just an FYI that I have been selling insurance since 1999 and the only life policy I have paid on is a $10,000 5 year term policy to a guy that no one else would talk to.

Please see your insurance agent this month and tell him you heard it was Life Insurance Awareness Month and you are ready to talk.

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