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It’s not about IF, it’s about WHEN.

For those of us that live in the Ozarks, we’re pretty impressed with the natural beauty of the area and all the diversity that the changing seasons may bring. What ever we may prepare for weather wise, the total unpredictability of an earthquake is hard to prepare for. I’m sure that the few settlements of people in the early 1800’s were VERY ill prepared for the series of shaking that occurred over several months. These were followed in 1895 by a 6.6 magnitude in Charleston, MO that virtually damaged every structure in town.

Did you know that earthquake is not covered under your standard homeowners policy? Most people don’t think about this coverage until it’s too late and with recent events in Missouri and Arkansas you could be one of those.

Earthquake coverage is usually a specified coverage for either a building, contents, other structures, or a combination of all of them. When choosing an earthquake policy you will also have to choose a deductible and that will most likely be a percentage. Don’t forget that an earthquake is the movement of the earth so if your house is settling or your basement wall cracks you will need coverage. The answer is earthquake coverage.
Don’t let your self or your property get caught in a loss. Your next move should be to call you current home owners agent and get a quote on adding this coverage to your policy before it is too late.

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