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Carolyn O’Kelley – ESOP Interview Spotlight!

ESOP Interview Spotlight-Carolyn OKelley

1. How do you think being in an ESOP can affect work culture?

    Work culture will happen no matter what so it’s always best for organizations to make an intentional effort to think about what they want their culture to reflect. Work culture directly influences how employees interact with not only customers or clients, but with each other. Work cultures with ESOPs reflect transparency, a shared vision, and a common sense of direction. This culture empowers employees to take ownership of their job, department, and organization. Employees in a culture reflecting employee ownership have high levels of team engagement, productivity, and experience better financial health.

    2. What makes you excited about being in an ESOP?

    Employee ownership was one of the top reasons I ultimately decided to join the agency. Having specialized in benefits management for many years, I know how rare it is to find an organization offering an ESOP. I’m excited to become fully vested this year.

    3. How does being in an ESOP affect your personal work?

    An organization that goes above simply “preaching” employee ownership and actually offers an ESOP reinforces the idea that every project worked on, policy written, and client interaction makes a difference to the bottom line. Our shared vision encourages me to strive for quality work and help others whenever I can. In an ESOP, when one of us succeeds, we all reap the benefits.

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