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Long-Term Care Insurance

Manage the risks and costs associated with long-term care.

Long-Term Care Insurance customized for your business needs

Long-term care insurance may be your best option if you develop a chronic illness or become disabled and can no longer care for yourself for an extended period of time. We'll help prepare you for the unexpected.

Imagine you’re suddenly faced with steep nursing home bills for a loved one. It’s a tough pill to swallow, isn’t it? That’s where long-term care insurance steps in.

It’s not just a policy, it’s peace of mind. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of what coverage entails, its limitations, and how you can get started.

We’ll guide you through, ensuring you’re well-armed with knowledge to make informed decisions.

Understanding the Basics

Now that you’re aware of what long-term care insurance is and its benefits, let’s delve into understanding the basics, so you’ll know how it can cover the significant costs associated with long-term care.

This insurance typically covers services not covered by regular health insurance, like in-home care, nursing home care, or assisted living facilities.

It’s essential to know that pre-existing conditions may not be covered initially, so it’s wise to get a policy before you need it.

Also, policies usually have a maximum limit on what they’ll pay out over a lifetime. You’ll need to understand the inflation protection feature, which increases your benefit over time to keep up with the rising cost of care.

Lastly, ensure you’re familiar with the elimination period, the waiting time before your policy begins to pay.

Coverage Details and Limitations

You’ll want to understand the coverage details and limitations of your policy, such as any restrictions on approved facilities or pre-existing conditions.

It’s crucial to know which long-term care facilities your policy approves. If your preferred facility isn’t on the list, you might find yourself paying out of pocket.

As for pre-existing conditions, your policy may have a ‘look-back’ period. This means you won’t be covered for a set period after taking out the policy.

Check if your policy adjusts for inflation—will it cover the rising costs of care in the future? Ensure your coverage limits will adequately cover your needs.

Don’t forget to review the triggers for payout. These are the medical conditions or disabilities that will initiate your policy benefits.

It’s all in the details.

Getting Started

To get started with your coverage journey, consider reaching out to independent agencies that can help you find the right solution for your needs. They’re not tied to a single insurance company, so they can provide you with diverse options. Fill out a form to initiate contact with an agent.

You’ll discuss your resources, needs, and options for long-term care insurance. These consultations can also be done in person for a more detailed discussion.

Agency Information and Contact

Once you’ve decided on a policy, it’s time to submit your information via the agency’s form to start the process.

Do not include any sensitive information, as your privacy is a top priority for Ollis/Akers/Arney. Rest assured that your details will be handled with utmost care, adhering to strict privacy regulations.

You’ll find offices in Springfield, Branson, and Bolivar. To make it easier, you can simply forward your queries through the Long-Term Care Insurance Information Request form.

It’s essential to provide your valid name, email, and phone number for seamless assistance.

Don’t hesitate to connect with the agency on social media platforms. They’re licensed to serve in over 30 states, bringing a wealth of expertise to guide you in your insurance needs.

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