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Defense Contractor Insurance

Keep your defenses up with specialized coverage.

Defense Contractor Insurance customized for your business needs

Defense contractors do important work to help the military and intelligence divisions of the government and help to defend the country. Because of your position as government contractors, you face a lot of unique risks that require specialized coverage. Whether you're providing products or services, having a comprehensive defense contractor insurance plan is important for securing your business.

You’re in the defense sector, so you’re no stranger to risk. But ironically, insurance might not be on your radar.

It’s crucial, given the unique challenges you face. From product defects to data breaches and even kidnappings, you’re a prime target.

That’s where defense contractor insurance comes in. It’s not just about coverage, it’s about peace of mind.

So, let’s dive into this complex world, and make sure you’re properly protected.

Importance and Risks

You’ve got to understand, as a defense contractor, the importance of specialized insurance due to the unique risks involved in your line of work. These risks range from cyber threats to potential issues with international employees. Your industry is a prime target for hackers, so cyber liability coverage is not just an option, it’s a necessity. It safeguards you against the financial fallout from data breaches.

Then, there’s your international workforce. The Defense Base Act (DBA) coverage is a must-have. Without it, you’re looking at a world of trouble. Think legal repercussions, not to mention the risk to your employees.

And don’t forget about the potential risks of moving equipment. Inland and ocean marine insurance got you covered there.

It’s a lot to consider, but it’s crucial to protect your business.

Coverage Options

Consider the wide array of coverage options available to protect your business and employees from potential risks.

As a defense contractor, you’re facing unique challenges that typical insurance plans don’t cover. Specialized policies like Errors and Omissions liability insurance are crucial to shield you from claims of product or service defects.

In the digital age, you can’t overlook Cyber Liability insurance. It’s your safeguard against the potentially devastating effects of data breaches, which are a real threat in your industry.

If your operations span across borders, Defense Base Act coverage is not just important, it’s required.

Then, there’s the Inland and Ocean Marine insurance covering your equipment while in transit.

And don’t forget basic but essential policies like Commercial Property insurance, protecting your headquarters and assets.

Lastly, contemplate kidnapping, ransom, and extortion insurance given the high-risk nature of your work.

Getting Started

Let’s dive into the process of setting up your coverage, which begins with reaching out to an independent agency. As a defense contractor, you have unique risks that require specialized coverage.

You’ll explain your operations to an insurance agent, who will then assess your risk exposures. They’ll explore various options and present you with the most suitable plans.

You’ll need to complete a form detailing your business specifics. It’s essential to be accurate here, as any errors could impact your coverage. Your agent is there to guide you through the process, ensuring you understand each step. They can also arrange in-person meetings, if you prefer.

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