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Builders Risk Insurance

Protect your project as it's being built.

Builders Risk Insurance customized for your business needs

Did you know you can protect your properties even before they are finished being built? Builders risk insurance protects from risks like fire, theft, and more.

Navigating the stormy seas of construction projects can be daunting. That’s where builders risk insurance comes in, your lifeline in rough waters. It shields you from financial losses due to mishaps like fire, theft, and vandalism.

However, it’s not a catch-all solution. Come aboard as we delve into its benefits, limitations, and how you can tailor it to your needs.

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Coverage and Benefits

When you’re considering builders risk insurance, you’ll find that it covers a wide array of risks like fire, theft, and vandalism, offering you significant financial protection and peace of mind during the construction phase.

This insurance is often set at a fixed percentage of the construction budget, providing safeguards against unexpected damages. However, it’s not a catch-all solution. It won’t cover increased risks like flooding or earthquakes unless specified in the policy, and it doesn’t cover workers’ injuries.

You’ll still need workers compensation insurance for that. Review your policy’s duration and extensions carefully. Depending on the nature of your project, you might need additional coverage for specific risks.

Limitations and Alternatives

You’ll need to understand that this policy won’t cover every eventuality, such as earthquakes or flooding, and worker injuries are also excluded.

It’s critical to review the policy’s duration and extensions carefully.

If your project is at risk for specific hazards not covered by this policy, you’ll need to consider additional coverage.

For instance, if your site is prone to flooding, you might want to look into flood insurance.

Remember, while builders risk insurance offers crucial protection during the construction phase, it’s not a catch-all solution.

For worker-related injuries, you’re still required to have workers’ compensation insurance.

Start by reaching out to an independent insurance agency to discuss your project’s unique needs and risks, and they can guide you in finding the right coverage mix.

Getting Started

To kick off the process, get in touch with a reputable agency to discuss your specific needs and receive a quote tailored to your project.

You’ll find that an independent agency can provide a range of options, helping you find the right coverage for your construction project.

Don’t hesitate to complete the form on their website or even give them a call for more detailed information.

Remember, they’re licensed to serve in multiple states and are well-versed in creating customized strategic plans for businesses like yours.

Reach out to their offices, be it in Springfield, Branson, or Bolivar.

They value your privacy and adhere strictly to their privacy policy.

With their experienced team, you’re not just buying insurance, you’re setting up your project for success.

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