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Karen Shannon – ESOP Interview Spotlight

Karen Shannon - ESOP Interview Spotlight!

1. How does being in an ESOP affect how you interact with clients (both current and potential)?  

My philosophy is to do what’s right for the client and everything else will come. My goal is to consistently exceed the client’s expectations. We’ve integrated that rating scale into our BCD Client Satisfaction Survey that we distribute after client interactions and projects. When we consistently exceed expectations, that positively impacts our client engagement, retention, referrals, revenue, profitability and eventually our ESOP stock.

2. What does being part of an ESOP mean to you?

It’s pretty rare to find an organization willing to contribute to your financial well-being at this level. All for doing your best each and every day without a financial contribution of your own. I’ve intentionally excluded my ESOP from my long-range financial planning. One day, it’s going to be that extraordinary “cherry on top” when I’m ready for the next adventure!

3. What would you tell a friend about OAA’s work culture in relation to an ESOP?

Our culture provides a unique opportunity to work with incredible employee-owners who really understand the value of “doing the right thing” for our clients. We get to do that in a flexible environment of trust where opinions are valued and considered. When we’re all moving in the same direction, not only do we have satisfied clients but a financially rewarding experience as employee owners that most of our friends and community never experience.

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