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Peggy Gawley

Lead – Medicare Department

Meet Peggy Gawley

"When I work with clients, I'm not just thinking about their plan; I'm concerned with all their needs. I care for the whole person. My compassion for them is an extension of my own family; I want to give them choices and the knowledge to support a long, healthy life. I love making it simple for them and hearing that not only was it an easy process, but a pleasant experience as well."

Peggy Gawley joined Ollis/Akers/Arney in 2014 as an advisor focusing on Medicare and long-term care. She has more than 23 years of experience in the healthcare industry and has enrolled more than 5,000 Medicare members in Southwest Missouri and Northern Arkansas.

Peggy advocates for clients looking to choose the plan that best meets their current and evolving healthcare needs. Peggy is licensed in life and health and certified in long-term care, Medicare Part D, AHIP, healthcare marketplace, Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse programs. She advises her clients on all Medicare plan types, including long-term care plans.

Peggy shares her knowledge of the industry by volunteering her time as an instructor on a national radio show helping answer questions about Medicare. To add to her accomplishments, Peggy was named 2016 Trusted Adviser for Insurance in the Springfield Business Journal and was a guest speaker at the 2016 National Medicare Summit in Kansas City.

Peggy has had music in her heart from early in life. She plays the piano and continues a life-long passion for singing as a veteran member of the Springfield Mid America Singers. Peggy has performed at Carnegie Hall three times, but she uses her music for an even more important audience: seniors in nursing homes. Sharing music one-on-one is healing for those suffering, and she knows music communicates with them unlike anything else.

Peggy Gawley