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6 Tips for Effective Videoconferencing

6 Tips for Effective Videoconferencing
6 Tips for Effective Videoconferencing

Best practices and proper etiquette are important as more teams and departments make the switch—whether permanent or temporary—to using videoconferencing as a primary communication method.

Consider the following tips for your next video meeting:

  1. Place the camera at eye level. Look at the camera— instead of yourself on screen—when you’re talking.
  2. Check your background. If you’re sitting in a distracting location, blur your background, select a neutral background image or move to a less-cluttered spot.
  3. Check your lighting. Try facing a window or using a lamp to brighten up your webcam appearance.
  4. Mute yourself when not talking. Wearing headphones can also help prevent disruptive background noise.
  5. Wear clean and appropriate clothing. Dress appropriately for your audience and wear what you typically would if it were a face-to-face meeting.
  6. Do a test run. Schedule a test call with a co-worker to ensure everything looks and sounds good.

Video calls don’t need to be intimidating or feel like a hassle. Consider how these best practices can help your next meeting run smoothly. Contact Ollis/Akers/Arney Insurance & Business Advisors today to learn more about team communication.

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